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Chrome Information

What are Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are laptops that run Google's Chrome Operating System. The key features of a Chromebook are:
  • Web-based programs - Runs web apps such as Google Docs, Lucidchart, WeVideo, etc.
  • Automatic updates - so you always have the latest, fastest, and more secure version
  • Boots in less than 10 seconds - for no down time in class
  • No need for anti-virus software
  • 8.5 hour battery life - great for a typical school day
  • Great specs - high resolution screen, wifi, webcam, mic, USB, HDMI, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Centrally managed - making it easy for schools to deploy, maintain, and control
  • Affordable - costing as low as $199
For more details, see the videos below...