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Web Apps

Chrome Web Apps are programs that run inside your browser. You can access and run these programs from any computer where you are signed into Chrome.

  • Video Overview - Link - This video gives an overview of web apps, how to install them, how to run them, and more.
  • Web App Reviews site - Link - This site gives written and video reviews of the best Chrome web apps and extensions for education.
  • If you come across a Chrome web app that you would like to have installed on the Middle School Chromebooks, please fill out the form linked below so we can take a look at the app.


Example Web Apps for Education - Below is a list of Chrome web apps that may be useful in an educational setting. For some of the web apps we also have a short tutorial video linked in.

General AppsVideoWeb StoreDescription
Google DriveN/ALinkAccess, create, and share your Google Drive files
Google DocsN/ALinkCreate and edit word processing documents
Google SheetsN/ALinkCreate and edit spreadsheets
Google FormsN/ALinkCreate and deliver online forms, surveys, quizzes, and more.
GmailN/ALinkAccess your email
Google CalendarN/ALinkAccess your calendar
Google Play BooksN/ALinkRead over 4 million books online
Lucidchart for EducationLinkLinkCollaboratively create mind maps and other graphic organizers
Presentation AppsVideoWeb StoreDescription
Google SlidesN/ALinkCreate and edit multimedia slideshows
PowToon EduLink LinkCreate presentations and animated videos with cartoon look and feel
Video AppsVideoWeb StoreDescription
WeVideo for Google DriveLinkLinkDigital video editing 
 Pixorial VideoN/ALinkDigital video editing
 Stupeflix Video MakerN/ALinkDigital video editing
PowToon EduLink LinkCreate presentations and animated videos with cartoon look and feel
YouTubeN/ALinkView, upload, and edit videos
Photo AppsVideoWeb StoreDescription
PicasaN/ALinkStore, edit, and share your photos
Drawing/Art AppsVideoWeb StoreDescription
Google DrawingsN/ALinkCreate and edit images, shapes, and diagrams.
Pixlr EditorN/ALinkImage editor 
Note Taking AppsVideoWeb StoreDescription
Evernote WebN/ALinkNote-taking app to save and access all your information
Study AppsVideoWeb StoreDescription
StudyBlueN/ALinkOnline flashcard and study tool 
Study StackN/ALinkStudy with flashcards, crosswords, hangman and more
Mapping AppsVideoWeb StoreDescription
Google MapsN/ALinkView and create your own maps
Build-A-MapN/ALinkCreate and publish interactive online maps
Math AppsVideoWeb StoreDescription
GeoGebraLinkLinkInteractive geometry
Desmos Graphing CalculatorN/ALinkGraphing calculator
Graph.tkN/ALinkGraphing Calculator
Science AppsVideoWeb StoreDescription
Biodigital HumanN/ALinkInteractive 3D model for human anatomy, disease, and treatments
PlanetariumN/ALinkInteractive sky map for stars and planets