2017 Levy Renewal:  Facts and Figures

  • This is a renewal levy.  This is not a new tax, so your taxes will not increase due to this levy.  

  • WCS has operated with the same percentage of income tax revenue since January 2003.

  • School District Income Tax makes up 15% of total operating revenue

  • In relation to property tax, the WCS millage is 26.3 compared to the state average of 49.74.   

  • As a result of no new property taxes, WCS collects almost $2,000 less per student on property tax compared to the state average.  

  • WCS spends $500 less per student on administrative costs per pupil compared to the statewide average.  

  • WCS averages 187 students per administrator compared to 152 students per administrator across the state.  

  • WCS spends two-thirds of every dollar spent on classroom instruction (resources, supplies, salaries).  The remaining one-third goes toward operations which includes but is not limited to transportation, building maintenance, service staff, and utilities.