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Buddy Bench

posted Jun 9, 2017, 7:39 AM by Jennifer Swindler
buddy bench image
- Now this is awesome! Thanks to our talented Mr. Davis (Denver/EE art teacher) the first Buddy Bench is ready at East End, with Denver and Holmes to follow. Brought to the elementary buildings by our District Autism Team, the purpose of the bench is to help students who may lack social skills and have a hard time in unstructured/social situations. 

The Peer Autism Team will be trained to be "ambassadors" and when they see someone on the buddy bench, they will go try to invite them into an activity. All 3 elementary buildings will have a buddy bench and spend the first tree days of school explaining the purpose and expectations. 

It's a great way to encourage kids to reach out to each other... whether a student is new to the school and hasn't made friends, is uncomfortable meeting new kids, shy about joining in the fun, or struggling with the unstructured/social setting on the playground.