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 Bill Liermann (President) has served on the Wilmington Board of Education for 12 years and recently announced that he will not be seeking reelection.  Liermann’s goal in serving on the board of education was to help make Wilmington City Schools the best school system possible by providing quality leadership and staffing throughout the district and by spending responsibly. Looking back over the last 11 years, Liermann believes the board has made significant improvements in the district’s facilities and has strived to spend monies in a conservative yet prudent manner.  The district has modernized its bus fleet and initiated cost-saving programs in its HVAC systems.  Liermann defines his proudest moments as when the district attained its Excellent rating, as determined by the state report card and the pleasure he experiences on graduation day as he watches the faces of graduates as they receive their diplomas and the moments they share with their parents, grandparents, and fellow classmates.  He and his wife Deanna, a 1979 graduate of Wilmington High School, are the proud parents of two sons—Steve who graduated from Wilmington High School in 2000, and now lives in Arizona, and Scott, who graduated in 2013 and now attends Capital University. 




Marty Beaugard (Vice President) ran for Wilmington City Schools Board of Education because he wanted to be part of an institution in which he believes.  Beaugard’s goal in serving on the board of education is to make a difference and help ensure that all children, regardless of family background, ethnicity, or financial status receives a quality education. During his time of service, Beaugard has worked with the Community Action Council, the WCS Diversity Council, the newly-formed Wilmington Police Dept. Diversity Council, and the WCS Athletic Subcommittee.  Beaugard hopes to continue his work in bringing back Wilmington tradition by moving Hurricane football to Alumni Field where it belongs.


 Steve Murphy has served as a member of the Wilmington City Schools Board of Education for 14 years.  Murphy’s goal in serving on the board is to help provide children with a solid education which he believes is the foundation necessary to develop community and society.  Murphy defines his most important accomplishment while a board member as helping with the financial survival and eventual recovery after DHL left and returning Wilmington City Schools back on solid footing without having to ask for more tax payer money.
Larry Roberts II.  This is Roberts first year serving on the Wilmington City Schools Board of Education.  As a business owner in Wilmington, Roberts believes schools are one of the most important parts of our community and it is crucial we educate our children so they may reach their fullest potential. His goal in serving as a board member is to use his experience in business to ensure our schools are the best they can be, as strong schools will attract prospective employers and employees to our town. 


 Kevin Snarr has been a member of the Wilmington City Schools Board of Education for seven years.  As a life-long resident of the district and a 1986 graduate, former teacher, and administrator of Wilmington City Schools, Snarr offers a very unique perspective and has a tremendous desire to give back to the community and the school system. Snarr defines his greatest accomplishment as helping to keep the board’s focus on what is most important: student achievement and the social and emotional development of all students.  He and his wife Tanya are the proud parents of four children—Jordan and Mackenzie who attend Wilmington Middle School and Griffin and Jillian who attend Denver Place Elementary.

Board of Education

Below is a list and contact meeting dates for the Wilmington City Schools Board of Education.

You may also view an archive of "Board Meeting Minutes" You may also view Board Policies.

 The Wilmington City Schools Board of Education meets in general session monthly at various locations within the District.  Meetings begin at 7 PM and are open to the public.

 If you wish to speak at a general session on a matter not on the general agenda, please notify District Treasurer Kimberly DeWeese no later than 4:00 PM on the Thursday prior to the Board Meeting. If you wish to speak on an item on the general agenda, please notify the Treasurer prior to the start of the meeting.  

 Mrs. DeWeese may be contacted via email at Kim Deweese or by phone at 937.283.7493.

 To contact a board member click their picture.

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